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What is a pre-wedding video shoot, and why should I do one with my wedding videographer?

This might be called something different, depending on the wedding videographer: engagement video, adventure session, and story session are some other names I've seen. No matter what it's referred to as, think of it like an engagement photo shoot, except with your videographer. And if your wedding videographer offers these kinds of sessions with their couples, I strongly encourage you and your partner take advantage!

An engaged couple walking in Spearfish Canyon during their pre-wedding video shoot

One reason wedding photographers like to do engagement sessions is because it gives them a chance to work with their clients before their wedding day to build rapport, and these couples get experience working with their photographer so they're more comfortable at their wedding with lenses in their faces all day. Why wouldn't you also want to do that with your wedding videographer?

With engagement photo shoots, couples get pictures to include on their save the dates, invites, and wedding websites. What do you get from a pre-wedding video shoot? Besides another video of you two, your wedding videographer has this footage to use in your wedding film! I've loved being able to work in shots from pre-wedding video shoots to spice things up in a couple's wedding film edit. Some of my couples have also included their pre-wedding videos on their Knot/WeddingWire sites.

A couple having a candid moment during their pre-wedding video shoot

The main reason I love doing pre-wedding video shoots is because they're a chance for couples to share their love story. How did they meet? Who noticed who first? Where was your first date? How did the proposal go down? I strongly believe in the power of wedding videography because of video's ability to capture and preserve sound. During a pre-wedding video shoot, couples have the chance to sit down and talk about their relationship and wedding in a low-key setting. And guess what? Those same soundbites can also be used in your wedding film to help tell your story.

You can approach your pre-wedding video shoot exactly like an engagement photo shoot if you want, where you two put on nice outfits, and go out to some scenic location for some great b-roll. Or if you want to do something more specific or "story-driven", that's also an amazing option! The couple featured in this blog post wanted to have a picnic at the spot where they got engaged in Spearfish Canyon. I have a pre-wedding video shoot lined up with one of my couples where we're going on a day-trip in Hill City, South Dakota, and another one where the couple is going on a horseback ride. Whatever you two love to do, we can get it captured on camera!

A couple having a picnic during their pre-wedding video shoot

Pre-wedding video shoots are so beneficial to both a wedding videographer and couples. Because of that, I proudly offer pre-wedding videos as a complimentary add-on to all of my couples. If you're looking for a wedding videographer that also offers this, start your search over at my homepage!


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