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5 Black Hills Wedding Venues You MUST Consider

Whether you're a South Dakota native, or are traveling to the Black Hills for a destination wedding, there are no shortage of picturesque locations to marry your best friend in this beautiful area. Here are 5 wedding venues that I LOVE to get out to for filming a couple's special day.


Besler's Cadillac Ranch - St. Onge, SD

I've been a wedding videographer in South Dakota for five years, and I'm still as excited to get out to Besler's Cadillac Ranch today as I was the very first time. Located 15 minutes north of Spearfish, this sprawling 1000 acre property provides the picture-perfect backdrop for your big day.

Your wedding guests will cross a bridge over the Red Water River to get to the outdoor ceremony site, which is at the venue's beautiful, wooden chapel. Once the party is ready to start, the Ranch's authentic two-story reception barn with a full bar and plenty of dance space will have your family and friends celebrating the night away.

Did I mention how BEAUTIFUL this property is? There are so many locations for your wedding videographer and photographer to take you for breathtaking footage and pictures of your and your spouse. Besler's Cadillac Ranch has long been recognized as one of the Black Hills' best wedding venues, and that should come as no surprise.


The Barn at Aspen Acres - Spearfish, SD

For couples who want an upscale, contemporary vibe for their wedding, look no further than this spectacular wedding venue just north of Spearfish!

Aspen Acres was established in 2019, and is one of the most popular wedding venues in the Black Hills. You have a choice of two outdoor ceremony sites. One overlooks rolling hills, and the other has Crow Peak in the background. If the weather doesn't cooperate (or if an indoor ceremony is just your thing), the interior of the Barn can be turned into an amazing ceremony spot as well.

Brides are able to get ready in a giant suite overlooking the banquet/reception hall, while Aspen Acres' new A-Frames are also available as a place to get ready on-site. Aspen Acres is able to host weddings with guests counts of hundreds of people, and has multiple garage doors that open up to the patio for your guests to enjoy during cocktail hour.

What I love about Aspen Acres is that there are so many ways to decorate it! Upscale, Boho, or anything in between, this wedding venue provides the perfect canvas to bring the wedding of your dreams to life.

Oh yeah, the sunsets there are 10/10.


Black Hills Receptions & Rentals - Rapid City, SD

Located just outside Rapid City, Black Hills Receptions & Rentals has been hosting weddings for over 25 years! This venue has recently changed ownership, and the new bosses, Jen and Andy, have been hard at work putting their own spin on the venue with some amazing renovations!

If you wanted to be surrounded by the forest for your wedding, you'll be hard-pressed to find any better options than this venue. The main ceremony site shuts out the rest of the world, so your guests can truly focus on your and your soulmate becoming one.

While there are tons of fantastic spots at the venue for portraits, Black Hills Receptions & Rentals is just a 5 minute drive from Falling Rock, which is a popular spot for couples to sneak away to during the social hour. Watch the wedding video below, and you'll see why ;)


The Farmhouse Barn - Sturgis, SD

The Farmhouse Barn also opened its doors in 2019, and is the perfect wedding venue for couples who love those rustic and western vibes! The main event barn is able to host weddings of any size, and the recent addition of a cottage on-site has quickly turned into a popular spot for brides to get ready.

There's something about fields and sunsets in South Dakota, and the Farmhouse Barn's field is one of my favorite spots to get some amazing golden hour footage of couples! There are bars both inside and outside of the barn, a garage door that turns the back of the venue into a patio, and additional outdoor seating along the side of the building.

Panoramic photo opportunities, tons of amenities, and plenty of space for you and your wedding guests to celebrate. It's always a treat whenever I have the chance to film a wedding here.


Diamond Spur Event Center - Hill City, SD

One of the Black Hills' newest wedding venues, Diamond Spur is already proving to be an amazing location for weddings! I've only filmed one wedding out there so far, but I'll be back out there plenty of times in 2024, and I can't wait.

The main building is 7,000 sq. ft, and can hosts weddings with up to 300 guests. Both the bridal suite upstairs, as well as the groom's lounge on the main level provide fantastic spaces to get ready for the big day.

A really cool thing Diamond Spur did they did while in the process of building was reach out to caterers to learn what amenities they would need. As a result, their kitchen area is fully equipped to handle whatever needs you might have to serve your guests an amazing dinner.

A lot of people travel to the Black Hills for the scenery, and Diamond Spur doesn't disappoint on this front, either. The backdrops on site, as well as quick drives to other areas in the Hills ensure you get timeless video and photo of you and your partner.

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